November 2017 Update

A lot has been going on over the last few months to fund, research, design and plan a Full Fibre to the door broadband service for our area.

Since our last meeting and email updates we have:

  • Engaged a consultant partner who has experience in delivering many rural community Full Fibre broadband schemes.
  • Employed contractors to design a network of over 24Km installed across fields, rather than along roadsides, and obtained permission from the majority of landowners
  • Identified a service provider who will support and maintain internet access, provide 24/7 customer support and deliver a business grade quality of service
  • Found ways to get attractive returns for local investors in the project.
  • Secured investment for the majority of the costs.
  • Been awarded a grant of over £62,000 from Basingstoke Council after they confirmed that there were no other plans to deliver faster broadband for the majority of the area.
  • Identified 3 alternative suppliers to provide the crucial connection between the Full Fibre community network and the Internet. We are currently awaiting their responses to our tender document.
  • …and, as an added plus, confirmed that house values increase when Full Fibre is connected

Our fibre community network will provide a GUARANTEED 30Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload at £36.00 per month (including VAT)

For home workers, those with several active internet users or those who just want the speed a GUARANTEED 100 Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload will be £60.00 per month (including VAT)

Speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download will be available

The most frequently asked question is, not unsurprising, WHEN?

We have been working on this project for 3 years now, an incredible amount of time and effort has been expended to get us to where we are but we’re not quite there yet.

In order to make the project work we need:

  • Enough of the community to commit to using Full Fibre
  • Permission to use all the fields on the route
  • A few more investors to cover our start-up costs.
  • The fields to be dry enough to bury the fibre.

Kind regards

Martin Slatford.
Wolverton Common
RG26 5RZ
0794 340 0505