The Baughurst Society has a long history of working with the community to address, and where applicable, oppose planning applications in the area. Recent attempts to build 165 houses on land at the top of Bishopswoods Lane, a care home to the north of the golf course, bungalow on land south of Oak Cottage and 4 Gypsy plots in Violet Lane have all occupied our attention this year.

Although the application for 4  Gypsy plots in Violet Lane was rejected the developer went to appeal.  Thanks to considerable efforts by the community the appeal was in turn rejected.

A lot of effort has been put in over the last year by a small group of individuals to develop a rural broadband solution for the area. We are happy to report that they have been extremely successful in developing such a solution. There is an November update on what’s going on, click on the Rural Broadband menu item above.

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2017 Roundup – Takes a look at our activities over the last year.

History – Copies of the Wolverton Echo from the early seventies provide an interesting typewriter based view of the recent past. ‘My Father Before Me’ biography of a thatcher who worked in the Baughurst area.

Membership – Provides a link for you to apply to be a member of the Baughurst Society

Planning – This early in 2018 not much is happening on the planning front.

Rural Broadband – An update on where we are with finding a solution for high speed broadband in our area and provides a link for you to register your interest in rural broadband if you have not already done so.