Violet Lane


Last year Basingstoke Council planning committee rejected an application to build a gypsy site on Violet Lane which the planners had recommended for approval.

The applicants have now appealed to the Planning Inspector.

What Are We doing?

Baughurst Society presentations, supported by professional advice and a great many people from our community, persuaded the Councillors on the committee to refuse the proposal.

An appeal is more demanding. To give us the best chance of success with opposing this appeal we have employed planning professionals at a cost of up to £7,000.00.  Over 160 people have signed a petition protesting against this development and more than 50 households have dug deep into their pockets to contribute to the fighting fund enabling us to engage professional consultants to fight off this blot on the landscape.

Click on this link 20170405 Appeal hearing notes v02 for a full update and notes on the hearing.

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